ChainBLX, a Chain Reaction to Success

ChainBLX is a highly selective boutique corporate development consultancy-, private equity- and investment firm debuted in 2018 in Davos, Switzerland, during the World Economic Forum. With over ten forefront private equity funds located offshore in the Cayman Islands, operating under one segregated portfolio company, chainBLX is a serious player in the private equity arena. With chainBLX exchange, allowing investors to allocate their money across multiple opportunities in the most efficient way, chainBLX caters to the modern needs of the most seclusive venture investors.

With over 500 experts worldwide, using chainBLX's proprietary AI-driven, peer-to-peer due-diligence platform to evaluate business plans and data, chainBLX is one of the most selective corporate development firms because of its high standards and cost-efficiency for its clients.

ChainBLX's combinations of private equity funds, due diligence technology, AI, and data-analytics establishes the most advanced, fact-based, informational-driven and analytical, corporate development consultancy, and becomes one of our clients' most significant assets.

Information is one of the world's most valuable commodities, surpassing oil in value. ChainBLX is monitoring thousands of data points from court and patent filings, to social and news media, for our governmental-, fortune 100-, and disruptive start-up clients.

Each year simultaneously, as the World Economic Forum takes place, chainBLX curates digital.davos. Together with our partner firm, Stromback Venture, chainBLX welcomes prime ministers, amongst other political, thought, and industrial leaders for a three-day, very exclusive, and highly publicized event.

chainBLX benefits for both investors and firms

First, by insuring that only the most qualified firms seeking money pass the tough chainBLX accreditation process; second, by assisting firms seeking investment to evaluate and pursue other options, including strategic partnerships and joint and ventures so that investment is leveraged in the best way possible, third, by empowering firms through our technology to comply with the use of funds as well as the firm-specific financial management; and last but not least, by having an internal legally binding arbitration and mediation service available to swiftly solve any disputes between investors and firms.

ChainBLX Funds

Fund Name
What Makes the Fund Unique
Investment Description
Project and Investment Goals

Why chainBLX?


  • Only investment in prime vetted companies over a peer to peer network of more than 500 experts.
  • Only investment in companies that can and do leverage business relationships through our corporate development services.
  • Only diversified investments in the most vanguard secreted portfolios, Average investment size per project reducing market risk.
  • Ease for every investor to reallocate their investment within the segregated portfolio company's fund boundaries over our exchange.
  • Ongoing and active oversight of companies within each segregated portfolio, including business development efforts.
  • A fully legally compliant fund in the Cayman Islands.
  • Investors can actively participate in the vetting process of portfolio companies.


It's all about the company's success:

  • The corporate consultancy helps with superior corporate development strategies
  • The corporate consultancy helps with introductions with potential joint ventures, M&A activities, and clients.
  • More than 10 different segregated portfolios are competing to invest in companies, increasing the possibility of getting funded.
  • The investment is in the form of smart money interested in the longtime success of your company
  • Through peer to peer accreditation, companies get honest feedback independently if we are investing or not.

After the investment and the investor have been verified, the investor chooses one of the segregated portfolios to allocate the funds (at this step, chainBLX makes sure that only verified accredited investors are compliant to distinguish whether your client can enter the system).

The chainBLX Master Fund management is in charge of all investment decisions.

This includes a general rule regarding compliance, what kind of investments are allowed in each fund, and the auditing and accounting of all segregated portfolio funds.

ChainBLX partners with different entities to advise each segregated portfolio about the applicable investment decision and strategy.

Each segregated portfolio advisory entity is entitled to 60% of the revenue from the segregated portfolio derived from a 2% management fee and 20% performance fee above a minimum performance, which may differ between the segregated portfolio.

In no way can the advisory decide on an investment that has not been approved prior by chainBLX Master Fund management or auditors.

ChainBLX will gain 40% of the revenue from 2% management and 20% performance fee from each segregated portfolio to cover admiration and other expenses.

After the lookup period is defined in each segregated portfolio company, chainBLX will return the correct share of the investor's value. This is done again via our tokenized accounting system.

Each segregated portfolio invests only a portion of the funds available in equity or convertible debt in portfolio startups. Around 30% is always invested in the traditional stock market (for liquidly and diversification purposes).

Each segregated portfolio has its investment mandate in correspondence with chainBLX's internal requirements.

Custody of all stocks, convertible debts, options, or fiat currency is within the appropriate segregated portfolio or with chainBLX, whatever is required by law.

ChainBLX also offers its mediation and arbitration firm in countries that allow so to dissolve any dispute between investors, segregate portfolios, and companies receiving investment.

Regarding the Internal chainBLX Exchange Function Between Different Segregated Portfolios

Every person or entity having invested in a hedge fund has the right to transfer the ownership of such funds to other accredited investors under certain circumstances. The problem the entity or person faces is that such transfer needs an accredited buyer interested. Finding such a buyer is difficult. Thus we allow investors to change their asset allocations between the segregated portfolio companies with software that facilitated such transaction (please recall, all are already accredited investors).

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