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  • @RayenPLK Exactly, so then what happens if 90% of the consensus says that a tomato is (obviously) a vegetable? How can someone who knows the correct facts override that?
  • I believe that the curating of articles on Wikipedia may be more neutral because the math behind Everipedia allows the suppression of opinions that aren't mainstream. And those opinions need to be protected when people are resisting changes.
  • Everipedia is a great concept, but it brings one major question to mind: Wikipedia seems to work because the people who submit and edit articles are sort of idealists. They do it because they believe in it, they enjoy it, and feel a part preserv…
  • Complete Guide to IEOs: https://blockonomi.com/what-is-an-ieo/ very helpful
  • Well, I'd say the gentleman is entitled to his opinion, so it is unfair to call him untruthful. However, these types of outlandish statements from gurus and 'experts' shouldn't be taken too seriously obviously.
  • I agree. He should have said "we have committed 7 trillion" not "we have spent 7 trillion". It is deliberately misleading.