ChainBLX, a Chain Reaction to Success

ChainBLX is a highly selective corporate development consultancy that made its debut in Davos, Switzerland, during the World Economic Forum in 2018.


Virtual Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) funds

A Virtual CVC Fund is a key approach for companies to invest in start-up companies and other cutting-edge technologies utilizing ChainBLX virtual funds. Our Virtual CVC Funds help clients hedge their risk while exploring opportunities through a portfolio of minority investments in start-ups. This in turn enables our clients to tap into future growth opportunities, not only during the current period of disruption, but also moving beyond it — into the post-pandemic world. When executed well, Virtual CVCs are a powerful complement to other tools such as in-house R&D, partnerships, joint ventures and startup M&A to accelerate digital transformation.

  • Move faster than in-house capability in exploring new technologies and business models
  • Fill capability gabs by leveraging the agility, and innovative solution of start ups
  • Drive growth in adjacent and new markets
  • Learn and stay current on emerging trends and technologies
  • Broaden your M&A strategy and manage risk
  • Access CVC funds that have the potential to create even higher returns on investment than traditional VCs
  • Corporate venture arms have also grown, more than 80% of S&P 500 companies


ChainBLX's flagship event series, Digital.Davos, brings together Prime Ministers and other political, commercial, and thought leaders for an open discussion and evaluation of prospective opportunities. Participating in our events ensures our clients can gain the maximum out of their corporate development initiatives.

Corporate Strategy Consulting

Our clients and executives that are founding and managing a virtual CVC fund can use ChainBLX corporate development strategic consulting to identify the capabilities, products, or markets that are missing from the company's portfolio and determine how virtual CVC can help fill those gaps.

ChainBLX strategic analysis assists businesses in determining the best method to set up and administer a virtual CVC fund, tying it to the company's strategic innovation strategy.

“The average CVC fund deal is growing increasingly popular: according to CB insights, the value of CVC-backed funds have more than tripled since 2014. Some funds as Softbank's vision fund alone has over 154 billion in Assets Under Management (AUM).”

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