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  • US Central Bank Has Serious Concerns About Facebook's Cryptocurrency Libra [Forum Post] ummm.. yeah? This project sets off every alarm bell there is, especially for those of use who have been crypto enthusiasts from the beginning. There are lots of people saying Libra is great for adoption etc but it is not good for adoption of real crypto. Like some other people have said on this forum, Libra is just diverting traffic off of the crypto highway and circling it back around to banks. "While the project's sponsors hold out the possibility of public benefits, including improved financial access for consumers, Libra raises many serious concerns regarding privacy, money laundering, consumer protection and financial stability,"
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  • Will all countries eventually digitize their currencies? [Forum Post] The end of paper money will happen for sure. Most of us already use debit cards for most purchases. But there is a bigger shift on the way, with central banks issuing national cryptos side by side with fiat, which will likely phase out fiat eventually. There are plenty of examples of this type of thing historically as monetary instruments become obsolete or transform with technology. The article below has more info on all this. The 'Banker's Bank' (BIS) in Switzerland is already seeing this trend with central bankers.
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