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I have held four different positions that have honed my skills in order to be a great fit for ChainBLX.• Team Lead/Professional Telegram Moderator: As a Team, we managed the Communities of a wide variety of clients whose material ranged from Predictive Analytics to Interoperable Blockchains to Mobile Payment Applications. It was my responsibility to ensure that our Team was adequately trained with the most up-to-date information on each client and their respective industry, as well as ensuring the responses were of a high standard. I have helped coordinate with clients to achieve both Pre and Post ICO goals. Within the company, I have a year management experience and have helped create documents that are used throughout the company. Responsible for the training of new employees in relation to the Company Culture, processes, expectations, and of individual clients to smoothen their onboarding and ensure they can attain a high standard of work from the beginning. • Liquidation and Receivership Consultant: During this time I was given an incredible amount of responsibility to manage different client accounts as my superior had taken leave. I learned how to deal with highly sensitive information, payments of relevant clients, staff and, business partners, take ownership of any issues that appeared and follow-up each day until it was completed • English Teacher: This has fined tuned my communication skills as I have needed to change my method of teaching depending on the student´s needs. From teaching beginners to advanced students from a variety of different backgrounds and countries I can break down information and convey the most salient points to students • Customer Care Agent: Working as a customer care agent for over two years taught me how to read the clients, be patient and attentive to each word while viewing the problem from their point of view to act accordingly to resolve their issue in the most effective manner


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