Promenade 69

Osh Agabi, Founder & CEO of Koniku Inc
Karl Seelig, Co-founder chainBLX


Osh Agabi
Osh has more than 17 years’ experience working on neuroelectronic interfaces in the industry and academia. He was a robotics engineer straight out of college (Theoretical Physics) doing statistical learning from 2002 - 2005. He built and programmed pick & place robots in Zurich, CH. He led cross-disciplinary industry/academia team to develop an in vitro reflex arc for modeling implantable neural chips at the ETH in Zürich. He reported to the CEO & board of directors. That company was acquired.

As a visiting scholar at MRC (London Institute of Medical Sciences, Hammersmith) and during his Ph.D. studies at the Imperial College in London, he built and customized
two-photon microscopes for studying synaptic transmission in the mouse visual cortex. He is the founder and CEO of Koniku Inc. which has been variously described as a once in generation company building cyborgs in Silicon Valley.

Karl Seelig
Karl Seelig is co-founder of ChainBLX. Karl debuted ChainBLX, in January 2018 in Davos-CH at The One World Blockchain Summit and curated the 2019 digital.davos event and launched the first decentralized opinion-based accreditation association for white papers in the blockchain industry. Karl is the inventor of the RingBack Tone technology and founder of the U.S. wireless carrier Ring Plus, Inc. Ring Plus was also the first carrier to except cryptocurrencies in the U.S.


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