Beverly Hills tobacco sales could go up in smoke (No. 122)

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Beverly Hills tobacco sales could go up in smoke



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cubanoBHloungecubanoBHlounge Reputation: 0
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I was present at this meeting. The reporter has indeed made a good job at reporting the facts of what was said then.

Therefore, I posted a bond that all facts brought forward against such law are true and correct.

Of course, it is only small portion of it as anyone would expect from a compressed article.
It seems that the city council of Beverly Hills has for the last few years been in a crusade against smoking and some of the members have already made up their mind, one of them asking for an immediate vote on the issue right away without any further due process. As such they have considered every tobacco product as well as vape and marihuana to be part of the same category.
It is a fact that the use of all these products can and do have negative health effects but the scale of the risk in many ways is less for cigars.
Also cigars are not intended for neither attractive to minors and younger adults like cigarettes and marihuana.
The audience for cigars mainly consists of middle age and older males who for the most part are successful professionals, including medical doctors. These are responsible individuals who are well aware of and familiar with cigars as well as the risk of consuming them. In many cases they know more about this product than some of us who work in this business.
Apparently the data that was used for the analysis of smoking related deaths and diseases are not current as they date from 2009. Also they do not show separate figures for occasional smoking versus habitual smokers neither are them separated by products.
Such a ban will have a devastating effect for small business like cigar lounges that only sell cigars, all caused by being merged with cigarettes and marihuana in the same category.
Also it will most likely have a negative effect in the number of visitors to the city, mainly from international destinations who have a culture of smoking, hence damaging the hotel industry.

I personally support the vast number of smoking regulations that have already been enacted as well as educational campaigns specially towards the education of children and teenagers, even adults, to prevent them from becoming users of the products in question.

However, what has happened to the basic freedom of choice that responsible adults should enjoy? We should be free to choose how to socialize with our peers, how to celebrate the birth of a new child or our own birthday. We should be free to choose to visit and support the last civilized bastion of the political incorrectness, that cigar lounge which provide us with a heavenly sanctuary where we can have the pleasure to savor a stogie or two indoors away from the crowds, avoiding to expose others to second hand smoking.

erikreed89erikreed89 Reputation: 0
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Interesting points and intriguing insights that cubanoBHlounge has brought up.

BigDipprBigDippr Reputation: 0
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If Beverly Hills want to crack down on tobacco, then they could do the same thing as what "dry counties" do with alcohol. They could make tobacco sales legal only in private clubs. Full disclosure: I'm completely biased because I love cigars. However, to group fine cigars together with chewing tobacco, cigarettes, and legal pot is not fair. This especially goes for cigars that are enjoyed in an enclosed space that is clearly designated as a cigar lounge. Also it is safe to say that moderate cigar smoking is a different risk category than chemical-laden cigarettes and other products that are inhaled. I think cigarettes are a scourge, but quality cigars smoked in a private club are a different thing altogether.

onderI1sonderI1s Reputation: 0
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It is good to have rules and regulations which governs tobacco sales and smoking in Beverly Hills.

onderI1sonderI1s Reputation: 0
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It is good to have rules and regulations which governs tobacco sales and smoking in Beverly Hills.

karlkarl Reputation: 0
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onderI1sonderI1s Reputation: 0
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Quote - Concerns of businesses that rely on tobacco sales will be vetted in the months ahead. The proposed law will be reviewed by the city’s Health and Safety Commission. Todd Johnson, president and CEO of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, said the chamber doesn’t have a stance on the proposed law, but it wants to be part of the decision making


t is good to have rules and regulations which governs tobacco sales and smoking in Beverly Hills.696e7890200097c0504ef91c16cf297f
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    OrigudeOrigude Reputation: 0
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    Just a follow up on this. The Beverly Hills City Council decided to go ahead and ban businesses from selling tobacco products within city limit. However there is a carve out for cigar lounges and business that can demonstrate that it would induce financial hardship.


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