ChainBLX Questionnaire

Calculate your Value as a Corporate/Business Development Consultant

Meaning “Consulting and assisting clients, with strategic analysis as well as introduction with potential partnerships with other companies that drive revenue or collaborate on technology and/or potential M&A, investments, divestitures, and incubation of new businesses. Assisting clients in negotiations with other companies that drive revenue or collaborate on technology and incubation of new businesses. Helping clients with Business Plan evaluation.”

Please select the highest level of education you completed.

What is the acceptance rate of your school?

How many years of experience do you have in corporate development?

How many people, max in last 2 years, with a degree BA or higher, did you supervise?

Throughout your career, what is the largest number of people you supervised directly?

Throughout your career, how many employees did the company have, where you directly reported or had regular meetings (more than 3 times) with any company officers in a bi weekly basis?

How many of your academic publications, including patent filings, were published within the last two years?

How many academic publications, including granted patents, have you had in your life?

How many newsletters, articles for blog, auditorial/editorials, did you write in the last two years?

How many business plans, marketing plans, analysis for management, opinions, over 12 pages did you write within the past year?

How many conferences were you a speaker in within the past year?

Within the past 3 years, how many times did you appear in TV?

During the last year, how many employees did the company, which you advised their CEO per email or written form, have?

How many companies do you currently consult?

How many hours per week are you currently billing clients for your services:

How many times per week are interviewed by new potential clients. (only serious interviews speaking about future engagement and your qualifications and services the client may need lasting around 1 hour)

How many potentially new clients you prospect and speak to (e.g. phone, tradeshows, business mixers) in person per week trying to set up appointments for a serious meeting.

Do you work as:

Last but not least how would you rate you against other consultants you know in your field.

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