White Paper Accreditation

ChainBLX Accredited companies enjoy the following advantages during and after the accreditation process:

  • ChainBLX accreditation is a bounty driven, crowd sourced accreditation.
  • Accreditation is important because it helps determine industry players if a company meets or exceeds minimum standards of quality. Helps investors determine whether or not a company is worth their time to evaluate. Assist conferences in determining acceptability of speakers and presentations.
  • ChainBLX accreditation gives your company access to many discounted sponsor opportunities and discounted conference access to prime events and world leading trade shows as well as an increase in free speaking and pitching opportunities.
  • ChainBLX accreditation reduces business risk overall, also reduces the exposure to certain associated legal risks.
  • ChainBLX accreditation is an important step to get your venture started right and should be undertaken as early as possible, preferably prior to sharing your whitepaper or business plan with any third party. The community input from our experts which you receive during the accreditation process will be valuable preparation for any investor meeting (Investors later on during the fundraising process will seldom provide you with detailed feedback or give you a second chance to get your pitch right). The obtained accreditation will ensure that you put your best foot forward and will set your business plan apart from others, giving you a strong advantage.

In response to the increasing demand of private, public, and government entities, the following solution is provided for the benefit of all players within the cryptocurrency, blockchain and investment communities.

ChainBLX launched a self-regulatory entity, granting opinion-based accreditation, mediation and arbitration services for ICOs, ITOs and STOs, January 22, 2019 in Davos, CH.

The project commenced development of the platform and methodology, embracing the spirit of the blockchain community in January 2018, based upon discussions within the One World Blockchain Event in Davos.

Information about the self-regulatory project

Efficient markets need freedom! At the same time markets have to be regulated to protect their participants. To achieve this, we as a community must self-regulate, therefore introducing a minimal professional standard. This reduces the risk of excessive burdensome governmental interference and will safeguard all participants in the ICO, ITO, STO markets.

We set forth a professional standard as a community based upon voluntary membership and an opinion-based accreditation process (developed and endorsed by the community itself).

This standard protects both investors and companies issuing ICOs, ITOs, STOs as well as others by regulating the quality and correctness of the information provided. To do so we follow a simple but efficient process which is “put one’s money where one’s mouth is.”

The accreditation can never be purchased, only granted based upon its merits. Those seeking accreditation have to commit a bond which guarantees the accuracy of the information provided. Part of the bond will be used to reward bounty hunters which submit successful claims against the whitepaper.

Accreditation Statistic as of December 4, 2019

Total White Papers and News Articles submitted: 16

Accredited: 12

Accreditation denied: 1

Accreditation pending: 3

Claim Statistics:

Claims filed against news and white papers: 22

Claims granted: 36%

Claims denied: 64%

Average awarded Claim $143

Average pay out per claim: $107

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