Become A Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters are a very important part of our opinion based, community driven vetting process. Bounty hunters diligently check whitepapers in search of errors or inaccuracies to ultimately help whitepapers reach accreditation and to eliminate any potential issues which could mislead 3rd parties. They help make the blockchain industry a safer, more trusted environment. Bounty hunters are a true part of the blockchain community by being paid for their efforts in cryptocurrency or ChainBLX tokens.

The role of a bounty hunter is very important. As a bounty hunter, you will be part of the vetting process. You will have a deciding factor on whether a whitepaper receives their accreditation or not. Through thorough investigation of each whitepaper, bounty hunters look for any errors or inaccuracies. Making sure that a whitepaper is safe and can then become accredited.

To become a bounty hunter, you must first register as that role. However, to fully be a bounty hunter, you must be an active participant on the site. You must gain over 50 reputation points, which are given by your peers on the site when your input is worthy of a virtual high-five.

Once you have reached 50 likes as a bounty hunter, you can then challenge a whitepaper in an attempt to collect a bounty. We encourage and request that you only challenge whitepapers for facts or subjects which you believe will be decided in favor of your challenge by the jury. Do not submit claims in search of receiving a quick buck. It brings the community more work to frivolously challenge subjects in the whitepaper just to increase the chance to get a bounty, such behavior may result in a permanent ban from our services.

Please be aware that as a bounty hunter, you will be seeing users hard work. So please take your time to make sure that your challenge is right, and it is done in search of highlighting an error and helping the whitepaper. Have respect for the courage and hard work undertaken by those publishing their work. Be respectful in the tone of your challenge and clearly communicate the reasons for your challenge.

After you have been a bounty hunter and have some experience, you can then become part of our Experts and also participate in mediation panels.