The New Decade for AI and Gender Balance


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Moojan Asghari, Co-Founder | Women in AI

Moojan Asghari
Born in Iran and based in Paris, I am a "Multipotentialite", curious, passionate entrepreneur, inspired by the power of human's ! mind and the potential of technology together to transform the quality of our lives. Passionate about the impact of AI on our lives, I initiated a non-profit called Women in AI, the largest community of female experts and professionals in Artificial Intelligence, aiming to close the gender gap in the field. We have more than 3000 members across 100 countries. Our focus is on educating the young generation and create role models for women in AI. Former to that, I started my career in corporate finance and banking, but later I discovered that my passion is for startups and the tech industry. I co-founded a company to be the platform for tech conferences and to create a better experience for attendees. This later became the largest network of tech conferences in Europe. Later, I decided to bring my knowledge to my home country, and founded Silk Road Startup, the biggest International Tech conference in Iran, aiming at connecting Iran with International communities. Believing in the power of education, I joined the French IoT company, Sigfox, to create and run an innovation program for youth to innovate on IoT, a place for dreamers, called the Hacking House, with chapters in the US, France and Taiwan.


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