Privacy in a digital world, ethics and profits a zero-sum game or not.


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Is increased privacy fostering or threatening opportunities and development

Brittany Kaiser, Co-founder Own your Data
Urs Aebischer, Diseo
Andrew Kolodyuk, founder DivanTV and AdNext
Karl Seelig, Co-founder chainBLX


Brittany Kaiser
Brittany is an international law, diplomacy and data-driven campaigning professional with significant global experience. Her work involves developing successful strategies for politicians, governments, and corporations to achieve their goals using cutting edge technology. She is currently focused on legislative reform for digital assets such as personal data and tokens on the blockchain.

Urs Aebischer
The business focus of Urs in on implementing disruptive technologies including Blockchain and AI through smart business models in emerging and established businesses to provide them a competitive advantage and to make them long-term sustainable.

With a deep experience in creating digital media services ahead of any competition, Urs concentrates on Market Fit, Product Development, Marketing Communications and Regulatory Compliance as fundamentals for successful funding, go to market and scale up.

Andrew Kolodyuk
Andrew likes to turn good ideas into projects and build great companies that become market leaders.
He founded, invested into and developed over 10 companies some with revenues of over US $1 billion annually in fields such as e-commerce , consumer electronics, Internet, IT, telecom, software., media, video and VC (USA, Ukraine and other CIS countries).
Young Global Leader (YGL) of World Economic Forum since 2008

Specialties: VC, Private Equity, M&A, IT, Internet, cleantech, retail, real estate, alternative investments, startups,
Social networks, Smart TV, OTT-IPTV, Wireless, consumer electronics, social media & TV Apps, alternative medicine, STO , blockchain, tokenization

Karl Seelig
Karl Seelig is co-founder of ChainBLX. Karl debuted ChainBLX, in January 2018 in Davos-CH at The One World Blockchain Summit and curated the 2019 digital.davos event and launched the first decentralized opinion-based accreditation association for white papers in the blockchain industry. Karl is the inventor of the RingBack Tone technology and founder of the U.S. wireless carrier Ring Plus, Inc. Ring Plus was also the first carrier to except cryptocurrencies in the U.S.


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