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Promenade 69

This panel emphasizes on how film, music and social entertainment will change over the next few years

Andrew Kolodyuk, founder DivanTV and AdNext
Lauren Bissell, producer and founder of Immutable Music


Andrew Kolodyuk
Andrew likes to turn good ideas into projects and build great companies that become market leaders.
He founded, invested into and developed over 10 companies some with revenues of over US $1 billion annually in fields such as e-commerce , consumer electronics, Internet, IT, telecom, software., media, video and VC (USA, Ukraine and other CIS countries).
Young Global Leader (YGL) of World Economic Forum since 2008

Specialties: VC, Private Equity, M&A, IT, Internet, cleantech, retail, real estate, alternative investments, startups,
Social networks, Smart TV, OTT-IPTV, Wireless, consumer electronics, social media & TV Apps, alternative medicine, STO , blockchain, tokenization

Lauren Bissell
Ms. Bissell is a producer and the Founder of Immutable Music, a multi-branch firm focused on the advancement of emerging technology, blockchain, building IoT protocol and data rights in the music and entertainment industries.
As a producer, she has worked with stakeholders such as Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Willie Nelson, NAS, Matthew McConaughey, Dave Chappelle, NASDAQ, Comedy Central, South by Southwest, Sony to name a few. Her cinematography was also featured as the famed opening scene of the recent Netflix release, The Great Hack.
As an influencer, Ms. Bissell is the Entertainment Industry Advisor for the OwnYourData Foundation, lobbying and educating professionals on ethical data ownership practices to be compliant with changing legislation. She is also an official representative for the ICCC in special consultation to the United Nations and is launching her own 2020 Digital Innovation program at the UN to create digital roadmaps for governments and countries worldwide.
Ms. Bissell has been invited to speak at locations worldwide, including Windsor Castle, Consensus, United Nations World Tourism Day, Block Seoul, Mondo NY, Salesforce and more. She was recently featured in Blockchain Today, the Mondo podcast, and the latest issue of i3 - the official magazine of CES.


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