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We are proud to announce that the following document Seed Case WP 17 WP version 37 achieved the ChainBLX opinion based accreditation on 2018-11-01 17:39:45.

This accreditation testifies that it is our professional opinion as well as the opinion of our community that document Seed Case WP 17 is in compliance with the professional standard brought forward and regulated by

A ChainBLX accreditation is very difficult to archive and in no way should any statistic be indicative of the quality of the document at hand. Neither should the achievement of accreditation in anyway imply that investors should not conduct their own diligence prior to any investment.

Document Seed Case WP 17 reached its accreditation with the following statistics.

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The discussion forum will remain open for future discussion, the remainder of the bounty will be reimbursed to the owner and no future claims can be filed.

In the name of the community and ChainBLX

We wish Seed Case WP 17 the best of success.

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Quote - Supercoins are registered as a security with the SEC and US Treasury Department.


I sent an email enquiry to several officials at the US Treasury Department asking if it is in fact possible to ‘register a cryptocurrency with their agency. Two officials answered (pdfs of the email exchange have been upload as supporting documents). Both officials say that they have never heard of any type of cryptocurrency registration within the US Treasury Department.


This is incorrect. You can register your cryptocurrency with the Treasury Department. We know because we did it. by seedwhitepaperowner3 on 2018-11-01 07:36:47

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a claim on this white paper was flagged as:
This is incorrect. You can register your cryptocurrency with the Treasury Department. We know because we did it.4ae10fcae21f374953277aed44a23f88

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