Fox in the Hen House: Why the hell is Visa investing in crypto startups??

Here's another example of Visa investing in a crypto startup. This makes perfect sense but for all the wrong reasons. The whole point of crypto is to go around the high fees and centralized control of Visa and other powerful banking entities.

There can only be one explanation. Could it be that Visa invests in the best crypto startups so they have an inside track to undermine them later?


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    We are seeing a lot of companies try to kill real crypto by creating phony substitutes that are even worse than using fiat. The key is to make real crypto convenient enough to use every day. BTC is here to stay it is literally impossible to stop it, kind of scary if u think about it. What if it could think for itself?

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    @BLXguru I think you have it exactly right. Visa has taken the if you can't beat them join them approach. If they own little pieces of the best crypto startups, they will be privy to the plans of those companies and can counterattack. I'm just a bit surprised that crypto startups would open themselves up to investment from a company that they are trying to kill.

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