3rd Option to Accreditation or Non-Accrediation

Thought I would as the community here the ChainBLX team about possibly adding a 3rd option to white paper accreditation. It would be for white papers that the community judges to have merit and good intentions, but is incomplete or otherwise inadequate for full accreditation. It could be called an Community Invitation to Resubmit (CIR) or something like that?


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    Good suggestion but I believe wp owners have the option of uploading revisions during the accreditation process. Therefore having a third result is unnecessary.

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    Yes wp owners do have the opportunity to make changes and upload revised versions based upon feedback from the community. We have seen an example of this recently and it worked well. I have to hand it to the wp owners that put their work up for review on this platform. It takes guts but it weeds out literally every flaw and saves tons of time.

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    I have not been here long enough to cite many examples from experience, but I did notice on the Creative Content Finance WP that it is impossible to tell the difference between the two versions without reading through both side-by-side. May I suggest that certain version control rules are introduced, requiring a naming convention for the different versions and a highlighting / tracking of the changes from one version to the other? I apologize if these rules are already in place, I must have missed them.

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    @MGlobal that's a really good idea because if the changes aren't trackable it gets really confusing. Maybe when a new version of a wp is uploaded the changed text should be in a different color or highlighted as you suggested. This also requires a way to toggle back and forth between the versions to verify or compare exactly what has been updated. I don't think I've seen a UI like this before tho it sounds like it could be hugely complicated to create.


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