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    It seems like these tools could be very good at detecting market manipulation, pumping schemes, and even tax evasion. This seems like it could also be a powerful tool for AML/KYC compliance - being able to easily double-check a customer's stated intended transactions purposes against suspicious wallets would be the sina qua non of AML monitoring in cryptocurrency.

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    @craybatesedu hope you're right about combating market manipulation because it appears to be rampant and possibly the biggest hurdle to virtual currencies gaining widespread use

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    @RayenPLK just tell us why we should read it !!!!!!!!

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    @cubanoBHlounge the article is about a 10 minute read, and contains quite a bit of big-picture perspective on how the Blockchain Search integrates with BigQuery ML (machine learning).

    It’s all a bit too involved to fully summarize here, but here are a few highlights:

    1) Google Blockchain Search is a “suite of tools built by, and for, open source developers”
    2) “Will load data sets for all transactions and metadata in eight cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH”
    3) The tools are “designed to do to blockchain, what Google search did to the internet”
    4) The first terabyte of inquiries are free each month, with additional charges charged per byte, or a $40k per month flat fee
    5) “data sets have been standardized … in a uniform, easy-to-access way”
    6) “BigQuery ML integration could also identify cryptocurrency addresses owned by a single entity, for example an exchange, and condense those addresses into a single data point, simplifying comparisons.”

    There’s a lot more. I posted the article on LinkedIn and several of my colleagues found it helpful.

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    The tools are live with datasets for
    Bitcoin Cash
    Ethereum Classic


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