Below are answers to some common questions we have received from all types of users

If I sign up under the incorrect registration type, can I change it at a later time?
Yes you can, you can do so through Edit Profile which you can access in your right Account side navigation or by clicking the gear icon by your username on the top right side of the page. When changing your user registration type, you may be asked for more information or a hold will be placed until we contact you to confirm the change.

Do I have to use a Metamask Wallet?
No, you can use whichever wallet of your choice which is able to work with ERC-20 tokens. We just recommend Metamask as one of the wallets to use since it works so well with tokens.

Why do I need to use tokens if I choose the bank wire-transfer to post my whitepaper?
We use the tokens as internal accounting. Some clients want to post more than one whitepaper but don't want to incur any banking costs. Hence they may want to have some credit for future use. So we utilize a part of our system, the Exchange Platform, which is not available for transactions yet. This is why the tokens are converted in IOY and then sent back. So the IOY is used to post. Also Bounty hunters collect from more than one claim, so it does not make sense to send a wire for $5. Users keep the tokens until they have enough to exchange for fiat.

How long does a whitepaper take to become accredited?
A whitepaper is live on our site for 30 days after it is posted. If within those 30 days, the bounty attached to the whitepaper does not fall under 40%, the whitepaper becomes accredited. If the whitepaper falls under 40%, at any time after it is posted, within the 30 days, the whitepaper fails accreditation.

What do I do if my whitepaper fails accreditation?
Depending on the reasons why your whitepaper fails, you may be able to post it once more. If your whitepaper fails for reasons like fraud, scam or something similar, the whitepaper owner will not be able to post their whitepaper on our site again.

Do I get to choose how I get paid out bounty after a successful claim?
Whichever currency or token a company uses to post their whitepaper, is what will be paid out for valid/successful claims by bounty hunters. So, if a company posts their whitepaper with Ethereum(ETH), successful/valid claims will be paid out in ETH.