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    karlkarl Reputation: 203
    Status: White Paper Owner
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    Hi am Karl Co founder of chainBLX
    Please feel free to post any question here we will answer them here.

    cubanoBHloungecubanoBHlounge Reputation: 53
    Status: Bounty Hunter
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    Hi why is this not on the accreditation website Crypto.com -- It seems strange

    seedbountyhunter13seedbountyhunter13 Reputation: 51
    Status: Bounty Hunter
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    Bounty release delay
    We apologize to our bounty hunters for the delay some of you experienced in us sending out the bounties in a timely manner.

    Explanation of the initial delay
    As we at the beginning allowed deposits in form of US dollars, we experienced an unforeseen mandatory hold of 18 days on funds due to standard operations of Coinbase. Coinbase holds funds for new accounts up to 18 days. Later on the hold is reduced to around 5 business days.

    As this is no longer an issue, bounty for claims made on whitepapers which were posted directly with cryptocurrency, will have bounty released two business days after the verdict. With whitepapers posted with fiat currency, the delay will from now on be 14 business days.

    Bounty hunters, please always check the currency USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum, in which the paper is posted so you are aware of the potential delay.

    Whitepaper owners
    Thank you for posting your whitepapers for accreditation. We are aware that you may experience the same delay we did if you want to post whitepapers. We recommend you open a Coinbase account to purchase the cryptocurrencies and only use the option to transfer funds/purchase via wire transfer and not direct debit card/ACH transfer to your Coinbase account so you can avoid a big delay. FYI, Coinbase does not allow International wire transfers. You’d then be able to send funds within/around 10 business days after that.

    Alternatively, we will provide you the possibility to still use deposits in US dollars for the bounty if you choose. Please contact support@chainblx.com and we help you to get your whitepaper posted quicker and will provide you with the necessary info.

    seedbountyhunter12seedbountyhunter12 Reputation: 51
    Status: Bounty Hunter
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    @cubanoBHlounge , I am not sure what you mean. crypto.com is not an accreditation website. If you are asking why is crypto.com not on our website for accreditation, well someone must make an account and post their whitepaper here.

    edited March 19, 2019
    seedbountyhunter12seedbountyhunter12 Reputation: 51
    Status: Bounty Hunter
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    If you have problem with cryptocurrencies send an email to support@chainblx.com or info@chainblx.com


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