chainBLX helps companies to gain efficient access to capital and business partners.


Put investors and partners at ease and separate yourself from the crowd by gaining a chainBLX accreditation.

Mediation and Arbitration

ChainBLX binding and non-binding mediation totally revamped. Fair, with industry knowledge, quick and cost efficient. Use chainBLX binding arbitration done by experts to resolve legal conflicts, cost efficient and cheap.

Token Creation in Minutes

This template and instruction allows you to create a RCS 20 token within minutes.

Consulting Questionnaire

A simple questionnaire which can be used by companies and consultants alike to gain a fair salary estimate for corporate and business development consultants.

Consulting Contract Template

Fill out a questionnaire and download a consulting contract template as a chainBLX consultant. Please be aware that this is for information only. You will have to be a registered chainBLX consultant to use this contract.

Tokenized Stock Ledger

Increase transparency and avoid problems by using the chainBLX blockchain stock ledger. Coming July 2019.

Coming Soon!

Become a ChainBLX Expert

Just click here and start signing up as a bounty hunter and start posting. The higher your reputation, the more you can earn.

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Go to our forum and you can see the latest whitepapers and news which are currently seeking accreditation or you can participate in a forum discussion about one of many subjects related to our services.

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Partner Events

Call for speakers and sponsors. Digital Davos January 2020

ChainBLX Exchange

ChainBLX exchange is currently open. Only internal trading is allowed at the moment, public trading of fiat and crypto currencies as well as tokenized stocks will be open soon.