Business Development in a global environment


Emmanuel Ashirifi, Business Development Consultant at Manuel McAshville
Frazer Bennett, Chief Innovation Officer at PA Consulting Corp


Emmanuel Ashirifi
Emmanuel Ashirifi is the founder of the Business Development Network Africa (BDN-Africa) and also a Business Development and Strategy Consultant. He has led a digital revolution in the insurance industry in some parts of Africa which has brought tremendous growth in the insurance offering and distribution. This solution is currently in 14 African countries enabling insurance companies to sell their products even through non-smart phones and zero use of internet due to the low internet penetration in most African countries.
Emmanuel currently consults for Lightree Marketing Ltd in New York, EAI Information Systems in Portland, Oregon and also oversees BDN-Africa from time to time.

Frazer Bennett
As Chief Innovation Officer at PA, Frazer combines advances in science, design and engineering to create first-to-world products, services and processes across numerous industries globally. Frazer and his team have invented, designed, and built systems that support new models of connected healthcare, consumer-facing connected services that engage people in new ways, and systems that help tame the complexity of our increasingly hyper-connected world. With experience that spans R&D, product development, and consulting, he is the founder of three companies, including two semiconductor companies.

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