Telecom VR and 5G


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This panel emphasizes what telecoms and venture capitalists are looking for regarding Edge hosting and improvements in 5G technology as well as VR and AI.

Karl Seelig, Co-founder chainBLX
Vlatko Gigov, Director at Navitase
Kumardev Chatterjee, Founder and CEO at Unmanned.Life & Founder and Chairman at European Young Innovators Forum


Karl Seelig
Karl Seelig is co-founder of ChainBLX. Karl debuted ChainBLX, in January 2018 in Davos-CH at The One World Blockchain Summit and curated the 2019 digital.davos event and launched the first decentralized opinion-based accreditation association for white papers in the blockchain industry. Karl is the inventor of the RingBack Tone technology and founder of the U.S. wireless carrier Ring Plus, Inc. Ring Plus was also the first carrier to except cryptocurrencies in the U.S.

Vlatko Gigov
Expert in blockchain ecosystems, token economics, and a pragmatic application of new technologies and telecommunications for social impact and sustainable development. Vlatko manages software development teams across the world. Formerly an Officer for Economic affairs at a Permanent Mission to UNOG. Experience as a project leader and business development executive in charge of organizational structures, teams, and processes, developed frameworks for Digital Services and Telecommunications for rural markets.
Advisor and a Consultant for various PaaS blockchain integrated projects. Vlatko holds two MBAs with a Major in Global Banking and Finance, and a Major in Human Resource Management.

Kumardev Chatterjee
Serial Tech Entrepreneur - Founder and CEO of Companies in the EU and US, New York Times published Thought Leader, Expert on Entrepreneurship at the World Economic Forum and European Commission appointed Tech Expert.

Kumardev has been invited to speak and present at leading institutions across the world including the UN, US State Department, European Parliament, European Commission, Office of Angela Merkel, State of Europe high-level roundtable, London School of Business, Stanford University and major conferences and forums including Websummit, WEF Davos, Mobile World Conference, Slush, South Summit, Startup Grind, TechCrunch and CeBIT.

Kumardev is Founder and CEO of Unmanned Life, the Autonomy-as-a-Service company, a multi-industry, multi-award winning 2 year old startup which has just been awarded the UK's Best Disruptive Innovation 2017, is valued over 20 M GBP and in scaling-up across the world. Unmanned Life's Autonomy-as-a-Service concept is now an Industry standard:

Kumardev is also Founder and Chairman of the European Young Innovators Forum, the leading foundation for youth innovation in Europe, reaching in excess of 500,000 young people. He has judged competitions like MIT Innovators Under 35 Europe.

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