What Bitcoin's white paper got right, wrong, and what we still don't know


Ran across this article. First time I've ever seen someone suggest that the BTC whitepaper isn't flawless. Worth at read



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    Great article thanks for posting this. Many, many interesting points including:

    Simplistic attack analysis. The Bitcoin white paper devotes a relatively large amount of space (about a quarter of the text) to analyzing the chances of a miner with less than 51% mining power successfully launching a fork by getting lucky. Subsequent analysis has identified many other attack vectors (such as selfish mining) and this analysis now looks dated.

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    This is the best argument I've seen for the case that Bitcoin is a prototype, a brilliant prototype, but a prototype. The next generation of asset-backed stable coins are going to iron out the majority of these issues, and will have a real-world use beyond speculation.

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