Without being asset-backed, has Bitcoin become an casino run by whales?

I've been watching bitcoin for a long time now, and every rally and decline seems to be outed as manipulation by whales who can move $100 million or more in a day. Makes me think the average investor, with no opportunity to base decisions on real-world factors, is just basically rolling the dice with bitcoin.

The house advantages in Vegas are:

Roulette: 5.26%
Craps: up to 16%
Blackjack: 1% or less if player knows basic strategy

I think the odds in Vegas are similar to, if not better than gambling on Bitcoin -- the 'house' in the case of Bitcoin being powerful manipulators of the currency. Curious what you guys think.


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    There is clearly some manipulation going on, but investing in BTC is not a blind gamble. There are trends and other data that give investors a better than 50/50 chance of profiting.

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    Yeah you can not really look at it like a casino. That is a bit ridiculous. Conservative institutions and professional money managers are investing for the long term in bitcoin. These are not people who play around with money.

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    OP here. I see what you're saying that investing BTC is not purely chance and you can sort of use some traditional forecasting methods that apply to other securities. But I'm really talking about what seems to be a lot of people churn BTC almost everyday, buying and selling. This casino approach seems to be way more prevalent with cryptos because of the volatility.

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