Add ChainBLX Tokens To Wallet

ChainBLX has Tokens for a few currencies, more to be added soon.

Due to having different methods of payment, there are different types of wallets that you can use. If you plan on paying the bounty amount, if you are a whitepaper owner, with crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, you can use any wallet. Now if you do not plan on paying with crypto currencies and want to use ChainBLX tokens, you will need to use an Ethereum based wallet which accepts the use of ERC-20 tokens. You can use any you want, just make sure that the wallet does accept the use of ERC-20 tokens.

We do not require you to use any specific wallet, but we do recommend the use of Metamask wallets or MyEtherWallet.

Please add the Tokens of the currency you desire to your Metamask wallet clicking on the icon of the token of your choice or copy and paste the contract address to add to your wallet manually.

Creating a wallet using Metamask

  1. Go to and click download Chrome Extension. (Chrome is the preferred browser for Metamask, but you can also use Firefox, Opera, Brave browser)
  2. Once the Metamask extension is downloaded, you’ll see the fox icon available on your browser now and a new tab will open.
  3. Click on “Get Started” and on the following screen you will click on “Create a Wallet.”
  4. Click “I agree” after reading info about Metamask
  5. Create your 8-character password then click “Create”
  6. Next is where you’ll receive your seed phrase. You must keep these phrases safe and remember the order from the first word to the last starting from left to right. They will be needed in case you forget your password or need to access your Metamask wallet from another computer. Click on “Next” to continue to the next page
  7. On this page you will need to click on the words of your seed phrase in the order that they were given to you. From the first one to the last. Then click “Confirm.”
  8. Now you are all done, you will see a page where Metamask reminds you to keep your seed phrase safe as they will not have access to it which means that your account will be lost if you lose your seed phrase. Click on “All Done” to see your wallet.
  9. Your account is created and now you can see your wallet info. Your public key is on the left side of the page, if you click on “Details” you will see a QR code of your public key as well as your full public key. You can purchase ETH through the “Deposit” button and send tokens or ETH with the “Send” button.
  10. Whether you are sending ETH or sending different types of ERC20 tokens, you will need ETH for the gas charged for sending, so make sure your account always has ETH to cover gas.
  11. At the bottom left of the page there is the option “Add Token.” After clicking there you will see a pop-up window which will allow you to search for a specific token or if you have the tokens contract address, add the token to your wallet manually. You must add a token to your wallet or else you may not be able to see that you received any. FYI, some tokens trigger the addition of the token to your wallet when you receive it/someone sends it to you, but not all of them do.
  12. You can add the ChainBLX token/s you want to your wallet automatically by pressing Add to Metamask on the token you want.

Demo video:

United States Dollars (USD)

Add manually to any ETH wallet using:
Token Name: USDBLX
Contract Address 0x820ff8cCf3E70070Cc742DB2D64B124d83fcFa76

Great Britain Pounds (GBP)

Add manually to any ETH wallet using:
Token Name: GBPBLX
Contract Address 0x8d8D502A868FE0238cC818a4928F6A995A302cFf

Canadian Dollars (GBP)

Add manually to any ETH wallet using:
Token Name: CADBLX
Contract Address 0x2b690415d635A8d9Fc072b86f8BC0CC2a8157935

Euros (EUR)

Add manually to any ETH wallet using:
Token Name: EURBLX
Contract Address 0x0871eac161644bc319cE6D715a6E96b1B64b7398

Australian Dollars (AUD)

Add manually to any ETH wallet using:
Token Name: AUDBLX
Contract Address 0xfc4F9521fD5f391fE564E73a52bA6f985cce1F97

Japanese Yen (YEN)

Add manually to any ETH wallet using:
Token Name: YENBLX
Contract Address 0x1331593C99F5F5044e1A88f72575c473fE2f361A

Swiss Francs (CHF)

Add manually to any ETH wallet using:
Token Name: CHFBLX
Contract Address 0x4e3f020EcdD67b8bD3FE4eEA3AEba00b841992F9