Token Stimulus Project Questionnaire


16) Please confirm that the following info which was gathered is correct

You agree to the following points of The Token Stimulus Project key elements:

  • It is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, this ensures transparency and trust in the system.
  • Each qualifying participant is issued tokens in the amount of face value up to 3 months of revenue. Participants can choose to request less tokens.
  • All tokens function as a voucher (coupon) for a one-time purchase of products and services where a face value is given equal to the United States Dollar (USD).
  • All participants agree to accept this token voucher for all their products and services as a partial payment for at least 50% of the products or service price or invoice. It is possible to compensate employees with TSP if a company is able to negotiate an agreement with employees.
  • All affiliate companies agree to accept TSP and agree to allow online and on site purchases for at least 50% of the products or service price or invoice and not to discriminate in any way against the usage of TSP as payment with additional fees or terms, included but not limited to: product availability, speed of delivery, adding fees for TSP payments, offering discounts excluding TSP payments or limiting in any way TSP payments). Indeed, affiliates are encouraged to offer additional discounts only available to clients using TSP as at least partial payment.
  • After a TSP (coupon) is used, it becomes a used TSP, thus TSPU, which is offered at token exchange for repurchase.
  • Starting November 1, 2020, all participants agree to repurchase TSPU from an open exchange. In an equal monthly USD amount of 1/10 of the amount of TSP face value that they requested and allocated to them. (Only companies which are in good standing will be included in TSPU buybacks, others forfeit any right to participate.)
  • All companies have to continue the TSPU buyback, even after a 10-month period (until August 1, 2021) and continue thereafter until 85% of all TSPU are bought from the market.
  • A fair exchange safeguards that all buybacks are done in proportion to each affiliated company's holdings in TSPU in relation to their original TSP allocation (e.g., If Company-A has only a 100 TSP allocated to them but ends up with having 200 TSPU and Company-B has 1000 TSP allocated and holds 300 TSPU, Company A is prioritized in the exchange until it has the same ratio of TSPU/TSP. In the case of this example, Company-A has priority over Company-B until Company-A could be reimbursed for the value of 170 TSPU.) Thus companies accepting TSP and not requesting any TSP will be the ones that get paid first.
  • The buyback is only valid for TSPU and companies cannot exchange their own TSP to TSPU. This is only possible if the token exchanged ownership from one associated company to another directly or over a middleman, which can be an employee or someone who bought the TSP on a token exchange from an employee.
  • Only employees getting compensated are allowed to sell their TSP on token exchanges. Enterprises and institutions are not allowed. (control through chainBLXleger technology already available)