The Token Stimulus Project

This proposed solution is based on multiple firms as their employees to join in a coordinated effort to maintain private and enterprise spending power, as well as future demand for participating entities in order to mitigate devastating after effects. >> Go

What's In the $2 Trillion US Stimulus Package? A summary

As we get more information about other governments’ stimulus actions we will update the website. For right now we only have information regarding USA. >> Go

Chances of losing someone close to you to Covid-19

Please use the calculator below to estimate the chances that you may lose someone you care about. The estimate is performed on publicly available mortality rate by age and gender. It is only for demonstration purposes. You should always follow recommendations from experts and your government and not base any decisions upon the result of the calculation below.

We will calculate the percentage chance that you may lose someone in your family due to Covid-19 (Based on official dates and statistical calculations).

Wellness track

Self evaluation helps to protect you and others. Please answer these questions and measure your risk level.

Please fill this out to assist us to help our statistic data gathering. Your data will be treated confidential.

If you have a medial emergency pls call 911. This is not a medical test.

Better since yesterday
Equal since yesterday
Worse since yesterday

Slight symptoms
Moderate symptoms
Severe symptoms

Preexisting lung disease (including asthma)
Cardiovascular illness
Suppressed immune system

No, I have not
Yes, within my state or region
Yes, within my country
Yes, internationally

I confirm that I looked up local information whether or not I am allowed to go outside.

I declare under the penalty of perjury that all information is correct and true to my best of my knowledge.

To be absolutely clear, this a suggestion and has no legal binding currently. This paper cannot grant you any right to leave the your home or not. (for discussion only) You can have close to no symptoms and carry the virus. To avoid infecting others please measure your body temperature daily. Temperatures over 37 Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit are considered fever and you should stay home. You should follow the local government advice on how to proceed. We encourage you to measure your temperature and fill out the survey prior to leaving home. Please take a paper printout of your daily results with you when leaving your home or send a pdf to your phone. This test is totally voluntary. Neverthe less it is our belief that it would be a good move when social distancing restrictions are lifted that people should undergo a self evaluation. Companies could require this self evaluation to be done by employees as well as clients to protect everyone from infection. The verification could be easily done just by asking people to show the daily printout or the saved document on their phone.